Rithmik Solutions wins Montréal Canadian Export Challenge Pitch Competition and moves onto National Final Showdown

Montréal, QC – June 18th, 2019 | Yesterday, Rithmik Solutions was named the winner of the Montréal Canadian Export Challenge Pitch Competition. Amanda Truscott, Chief Communications Officer won $2,500 and an all-expense paid trip to Toronto where they will compete head-to-head against six regional finalists for the grand prize of $25,000 and up to $100,000 in in-kind scaling support.

Rithmik Solutions leverages AI for predictive maintenance on mobile mining equipment. Mining companies spend between 20 and 50 per cent of their annual operating budgets on equipment repair and maintenance (SRK Consulting, 2016 and Mining Global, 2014). For a typical top 40 mining company, that’s between $2.3 and $5.7 billion per year (PwC, 2018). A significant contributor to those numbers is the fact that all too often, reliability and maintenance teams don’t have enough information to diagnose and prevent catastrophic equipment failures. Rithmik Solutions runs a virtual model of a healthy asset alongside its physical counterpart. When the equipment deviates even slightly from its ideal, the algorithm detects those deviations and provides insight so users can better judge when and how to implement repairs.

“Winning the pitch competition feels like a confirmation of things we already knew. It feels nice to have that confirmation because as an entrepreneur, you have those nights where you wake up and wonder what you are doing,” said Amanda Truscott, Chief Communications Officer of Rithmik Solutions. “When people recognize that you are on the right track, it’s a really good feeling.”

“Rithmik Solutions provides a modern-day solution to an age-old problem. Not only will Canadian companies benfit from their technology, but it can be used globally to spark efficiencies in mining and beyond,” said Rachelle DeSorcy, Canadian Export Challenge Lead at Startup Canada. “We’re delighted to see Rithmik Solutions win the Montréal Canadian Export Challenge Pitch Competition.”

Presented by Startup Canada in collaboration with UPS Canada®, Export Development Canada, and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, the Canadian Export Challenge in Montréal showcased and supported more than 150 borderless businesses to go global.

Truscott is set to travel to Toronto in October during Small Business Week where they will have the opportunity to pitch to win the grand prize and title as Canada’s 2019 Global Entrepreneur, receiving a host of support and funds. Montréal sets the last stop of the 2019 Canadian Export Challenge.

For more information, to schedule interviews, and to secure your media pass at the Pitch Competition Final Showdown, please contact:

Rachelle DeSorcy
Media Relations, Startup Canada

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Rachelle Desorcy
Rachelle Desorcy

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