COMMS.BAR founder Lyndon Johnson announced as host of Startup Canada’s #StartupChats

February 14, 2010 | Startup Canada, Canada’s entrepreneurship organization, announced today that Lyndon Johnson, the Founder of Toronto-based COMMS.BAR, is the new host of #StartupChats, Canada’s top Twitter chat for entrepreneurs.

#StartupChats take place on Twitter every Wednesday and Friday from 12-1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. MST. Entrepreneurs from around the globe join #StartupChats along with industry experts and government leaders to answer a series of 11 questions designed to train and inspire participants with the skills they need for entrepreneurial success. #StartupChats are an opportunity for participants to network, fine-tune their entrepreneurial skills, and show their expertise as thought leaders. #StartupChats was previously hosted by Kylie Woods, Founder and Executive Director of Calgary-based Chic Geek.

Johnson is an experienced public relations expert with more than a decade of experience in communications, public relations, and entrepreneurship. Through in-person and online workshops, COMMS.BAR makes public relations, marketing, and publicity affordable accessible, transparent and measurable for small businesses. Johnson and a team of advisors work closely with entrepreneurs and business owners to develop unique and customizable public relations services that promise measured outcomes.

“Anybody that knows me knows that I like nothing better than good conversation and debate,” says Johnson. “Over the years many of the best conversations I’ve had have been through #StartupChats – and I’m looking forward to helping start a couple every week between Canadian entrepreneurs as the host.”

“On behalf of Startup Canada, we’re thrilled to have Johnson join us as the new host of #StartupChats,” said Maddie Stiles, the Digital Producer at Startup Canada. “Lyndon has energy bar none and we’re excited for him to share his expertise in Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to further develop #StartupChats as the national digital community of entrepreneurs.”

Johnson will launch the 2019 season of #StartupChats on February 15. The topic is Small Business New Year’s Resolutions, sponsored by Amazon Web Services. For a full calendar of #StartupChats, visit


  • In 2019, Startup Canada will celebrate the sixth anniversary of #StartupChats.
  • #StartupChats attracts an average of 15 million impressions and 50 participants per event, including thought leaders from successful companies world wide, varying industries and various levels of government.
  • Since its inception, #StartupChats has garnered more than 3 billion impressions.

For more information, and to schedule interviews contact:

Maddie Stiles
Digital Producer
613-627-0787 ext 105

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COMMS.BAR makes public relations and marketing advice affordable, accessible, transparent and measurable for entrepreneurs. Based in Toronto, COMMS.BAR features unique and customizable public relations services that think differently; offering no retainers, no lock-ins, lean methodology, and measurable outcomes for every business.

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