Microsoft presents ~ Great Canadian Innovators light up the north!

Microsoft presents ~ Great Canadian Innovators light up the north!

Microsoft presents ~ Great Canadian Innovators light up the north!

If you love inspiring startup stories about artificial intelligence, holograms, Internet of Things, and other transformative technologies sparking innovation, then this is the blog post for you! It spotlights Microsoft’s Great Canadian Innovators 2018’s Yearbook, which profiles 10 amazing Canadian companies lighting up the north with their innovation!

Great Canadian Innovators

For all the noise about Canadian talent draining away into the States, the facts tell a different story. If anything, our country abounds with intrepid and creative technology entrepreneurs—all pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in their fields.

Innovating with AI & more

Representing diverse industries from across Canada, the 2018 yearbook features 10 in-depth profiles of cool Canadian technology companies who, at one point in their journey, participated in the Microsoft for Startups program.

Get your free copy! Microsoft presents the Great Canadian Innovators ebook profiling 10 incredible Canadian companies using artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, holographic devices, and other powerful Microsoft technologies and services to innovate in their fields. Download your copy here!

What makes them great?

From fighting cancer and crime to visualizing the invisible, the Great Canadian Innovators 2018 Year features 10 companies finding creative ways to solve huge social and business challenges. These companies are disrupting the status quo and realizing their dreams to make the world a better place. The yearbook features:

Beeye (business management) -> a fast-growing Canadian startup dedicated to increasing organizational performance through better planning

Canvass Analytics (industrial manufacturing) -> this AI company focuses on helping industrial companies see into the future—at least when it comes to operations

Cinchy (data services) -> this startup’s bold data network concept promises to cut traditional application development times in half!

Cloud DX (healthcare) -> this startup has wowed the tech industry with its realization of a working medical tricorder device called the Vitaliti™

Encircle (insurance) -> this startup’s cloud-based mobile tools allow insurance companies to reinvent and accelerate the claims process

Igloo (digital workspaces) -> this SaaS company makes employees more productive and engaged by redefining the modern digital workplace

Media Sonar (public safety) -> this big data company’s powerful analytics platform helps improve public safety, provide humanitarian support & more

My Intelligent Machines (pharma/biotech) -> this startup accelerates the fight against cancer by accelerating post-genomic research using AI and bioinformatics (industrial manufacturing) -> this AI and industrial IoT startup is on a mission to make manufacturing more productive and flexible

vGIS (data visualization) -> this revolutionary platform uses Microsoft HoloLens and augmented reality to reveal the location of buried infrastructure

Join the AI revolution!

Microsoft for Startups provides startups with Azure services, development and testing software, training, marketing, support, and co-sales. It exists to help promising startups win the kind of strategic customer deals that fuel revenue growth and create funding potential.

To qualify in Microsoft for Startups, your company must be privately held, less than five years old, and earn less than US $1 million annually.

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