2018 Canadian Export Challenge Winners

On October 17th, Canadian Export Challenge Finalists gathered in Ottawa to begin a 2-day intensive global export and expansion program, curated to optimize their connectivity to Canada’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. Finalists received signature jackets and attended the Entrepreneurs on the Hill Launch Party to be welcomed alongside Startup Community Leaders, entrepreneurs, industry partners, and delegates from across Canada.

During the evening, the group convened at the Shaw Centre for their official orientation and interviews with UPS Canada. On October 18th, the Finalists enjoyed a photo and meet and greet with the Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion, before connecting with growth partners, polishing their pitch with expert mentors in the UPS Lounge, and hitting up the red carpet for media interviews.

National Winner

$10,000 Grand Prize & Up To $100,000 In Support Awarded

Margaret Magdesian, Founder & CEO, Ananda Devices

The National Winner is Margaret Magdesian, Founder and CEO of ANANDA (Advanced Nano Design Applications) Devices, a Montreal-based company that combines expertise in organ-on-a-chip and stem cells technology to develop mini brains and mini spinal-cords-on-a-chip, enabling more efficient testing of drugs directly on patients’ derived tissues. ANANDA Devices’ mission is to increase research capacity and competitiveness by developing and applying nano- and microtechnology platforms to improve biomedical research and diagnostics.

Regional Winners

$1,000 Prizes Awarded

Hybrid Power Solutions 

A Toronto-based company revolutionizing the industrial market place by providing its customers with a completely fuel free, portable, job site power source. They deliver a rugged product that eliminates fumes, fuel, noise and maintenance, with no compromise in performance. As a clean new alternative to traditional fossil fuel generators, the Batt Pack offers 4000W, it is designed to last a complete work shift and recharge in 3 hours. Their “green” battery pack find applications in mining, railway, public transit and military.  

Orbitless Drive Inc. 

A Vancouver-based company that created a revolutionary new high-efficiency gearbox technology platform. Its various benefits enhance the performance of drivetrains for motion control, robotics, electric vehicles, wind power, or anywhere gear motors are used. We work with leading innovative gearhead, power transmission, and gearmotor companies to improve their competitive edge. Orbitless uses standard gear components and takes advantage of most innovations in gear tooth design and optimization when implemented in an Orbitless gearbox.

MacKenzie Healthcare Technologies 

A Halifax-based company that was founded in 2016 to bring innovative technology to the market that will prevent injuries related to repositioning patients and residents in wheelchairs and hospital beds. They care deeply about improving the quality of life for people providing care, and people receiving it. Paraglide™ is the latest in assistive device technology that changes the way people are repositioned in wheelchairs in homes, hospitals and care facilities around the world. With Paraglide, a wheelchair user can move freely from a slouched position to an upright position with the touch of a button – safely, independently and with dignity.


An Edmonton-based company that created the “Umay REST®” – “a toothbrush for eye care” to empower users to take control of their eye health restoring damage done by devices. Umay REST® combines thermal therapy with Thermal Meditation™ to reset the effects of screen time and redefine self-care.  Relieve stress, relax the mind and restore the natural function of your eyes. Be one of the first to discover how Umay reinvents everyday experiences with self-care technology.

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