Fostering Equality and Entrepreneurship: Startup Canada and the Almas Jiwani Foundation enter Strategic Partnership

October 19, 2017 | At Startup Canada day on the Hill in Ottawa today, Startup Canada, the national rallying community and voice for Canada’s 2.3 million entrepreneurs, and the Almas Jiwani Foundation are announcing a joining of forces to advance entrepreneurship and equality in Canada.

The Almas Jiwani Foundation is a champion for gender equality and women’s social, economic, and political empowerment, working diligently to promote entrepreneurship as a way of positively implementing social change in Canada and around the world. As such, the Almas Jiwani Foundation will base their Canadian offices at the Startup Canada Headquarters on Sparks Street to encourage collaboration on key initiatives driving equality and entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to foster equality and peace,”  said Victoria Lennox, CEO and Co-Founder of Startup Canada. “This partnership underscores Startup Canada’s commitment to fostering the social change and economic empowerment necessary to better humanity, beginning here at home.”

“Uniting our trailblazing organizations means bringing incredible benefits to aspiring women and girls. Building on our shared passions and goals will foster powerful foundations for women’s entrepreneurship within marginalized communities” said Almas Jiwani, President of the Almas Jiwani Foundation.

Both organizations share mutual goals of promoting entrepreneurship as vehicle for equality and economic opportunities for all. The partnership will focus on entrepreneurship education through Startup Canada’s vast digital networks and ecosystem of Startup Communities, with an important inflection at International Women’s Day 2018. The strategic cooperation of these charitable and not-for-profit social enterprises is designed to foster sustainable, self-reliance and advancement for every entrepreneur.

For more information, contact:

Lindsay Bright
Communications, Marketing and Digital Production Administrator, Startup Canada

Kevin West
Vice President International Operations
Almas Jiwani Foundation

About Almas Jiwani Foundation

The vision of The Almas Jiwani Foundation is to empower women, girls and marginalized communities through focused projects that directly address disparities in equality, education, entrepreneurship and energy rights. The Foundation aims to bridge inequalities through the fostering of relationships among the various actors and stakeholders in global issues, and provide a platform for discourse and action.

About Startup Canada

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Lindsay Bright

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