Startup Canada and Sparks Street join forces to celebrate entrepreneurship on the doorstep of Parliament Hill

Community comes together to Start Up Sparks Street

OTTAWA, November 19, 2014Startup Canada and the Sparks Street Business Improvement Association (BIA) are working together again this year to celebrate entrepreneurship as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and the lead up to Startup Canada Day on the Hill. Sparks Street will be draped end to end in Startup Canada flags bringing attention to Canada’s entrepreneurial culture and history on Sparks Street.

Uniquely positioned near Parliament Hill and numerous Federal Government departments in downtown Ottawa, Sparks Street is a mixture of small and micro businesses, government, and a place to bring the community together through street events. This unique combination of characteristics makes Sparks Street an ideal place to highlight Global Entrepreneurship Week and Startup Canada Day on the Hill.

“Given its unparalleled location, building up entrepreneurial activity on Sparks Street will be an everyday reminder to decision makers that Canada is the best place to start a business, and that we need to be relentless in removing barriers and creating policies that support Canada’s entrepreneurs,” said Jason Daley, co-lead of Startup Ottawa, the local chapter of Startup Canada.

Flags on the street feature a QR Code directing pedestrians to This webpage profiles one new startup community and entrepreneur each day from across Canada. Those who follow the campaign will have the opportunity to gain new perspectives from entrepreneurs on their vision for advancing Canadian entrepreneurship.

The annual flag campaign aims to engage the public and private sectors around the topic of entrepreneurship in this historically entrepreneurial spot in Ottawa. In the 1960s, Sparks Street was closed off to traffic with the aim of improving local commerce and foot traffic making it a unique pedestrian mall. Today, the history continues with Sparks Street hosting hundreds of small and micro businesses from all over Canada through regular events such as Rib Fest, Poutinefest, the Latin Sparks Outdoor Block Party and more. Also stemming from these entrepreneurial roots, several blocks on Sparks Street are lined with numerous small business storefronts that share the space day to day with government departments. Every day, public servants are crossing paths with parliamentarians, small business owners and employees, and in November, during Global Entrepreneurship Week and Startup Canada Day on the Hill, the flag campaign intends for everybody to be thinking about it a little more.

Important times and locations:

  • Startup Canada on Sparks Street Installation – Nov. 19-30
  • Startup Canada Day on the Hill – November 26th, Chateau Laurier

To learn more about Startup Canada’s role in advocating for entrepreneurs visit Join the conversation between entrepreneurs and the government on November 26th at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa for Startup Canada Day on the Hill, Canada’s most influential entrepreneurship event.

Tomasz Popiel

Tomasz Popiel is a Chartered Professional Accountant, entrepreneurial enthusiast and Startup Canada's Finance and Impact Measurement Manager based in Ottawa.

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