Left: Hailey Lachance (Janet’s daughter), Whole Manager/Mustard


Photo, from left: Hailey Lachance (Janet’s daughter), Whole Manager/Mustard Princess and Janet Campbell, Owner and Founder


SEPTEMBER 8, 2014, OTTAWA | The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (www.CIRA.ca), the organization that manages the .CA domain, is partnering with grassroots entrepreneurship non-profit Startup Canada to position .CA at the heart of the Canadian startup culture. CIRA and Startup Canada will showcase cutting-edge startups that are wearing their .CA domains proudly as they venture out to global markets.

“We are entrepreneurs passionate about supporting our homegrown startups in becoming successful and high-impact companies that are breaking new ground on the global stage,” said Victoria Lennox, co-founder and CEO of Startup Canada. “We are excited to be working to support such an important Canadian entrepreneurial identifier as .CA, to instill awareness of the many resources available to Canadian entrepreneurs seeking to register their domains, and to inform them how they can leverage ‘brand Canada’ for added measures of trust, awareness and security online.”

According to CIRA’s 2014 Internet Factbook, “Half of Canadians would rather deal with .CA than a .COM website when it comes to online activities that require the disclosure of personal information, such as shopping or banking.”

“Less than half of Canadian businesses are online – a number that shrinks to only 41 per cent when we look at small and medium businesses,” says David Fowler, CIRA’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “There is a tremendous opportunity for them to build a digital presence, and using the .CA banner gives these startups a kickstart by making them instantly recognizable as Canadian.”

Bladetape.ca is the most important tool in my business today, “ said Richard Findley, owner of Bladetape, a Toronto-based e-commerce startup. “I use it daily to interact with customers, market BladeTape to a worldwide audience, post pictures, make announcements, answer questions, post Tweets, and publish testimonials and customer stories. Like the good people who support me, my .CA website is an integral and essential part of BladeTape’s success,”

Through its popular #StartupChats social media program and a digital media campaign, Startup Canada will provide local Startup Communities and startup entrepreneurs from across Canada with the ability to access .CA’s treasure trove of resources, from information on domain names, digital strategies and SEO, to cyber security and establishing and expanding their online presence. This campaign will run through the Autumn, including October, which is host to Cyber Security Month and Small Business Week.

CIRA Social Media Links:
Twitter: @dotCAVoice
.CA’s Where Local Means Business site: http://wherelocalmeansbusiness.ca/
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ciranews

About Startup Canada 

Startup Canada is a grassroots, entrepreneur-led movement founded in May 2012 that has become the most recognized, energized and active entrepreneurship organization in Canada. Startup Canada’s programs have mentored more than 20,000 Canadians, grown to represent more than 80,000 entrepreneurs, and increased entrepreneurial momentum, wealth and jobs in Canada while promoting Canada’s diversified economy and high quality of life.

Startup Canada is recognized globally as the benchmark for fuelling grassroots entrepreneurship. It has educated the leaders of peer organizations in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, South Korea, South America and the United States.

For more information please contact:
Melloney Campbell, VP Communications
Email: press@startupcan.ca
Tel: (613) 627-0787 ext. 3

Startup Canada
Startup Canada

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