Startup Canada Day On The Hill

Tony Clement Startup Canada


An Entrepreneurial Invasion of Parliament Hill

November 21, 2013 – ALL DAY

Parliament of Canada, Ottawa

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On November 21st, Startup Canada, the country’s first national, grassroots entrepreneur initiative is organizing the first ever Startup Canada Day on the Hill, which will bring together the largest contingent of Canadian entrepreneurs to ever come to Parliament Hill, with the nation’s elected representatives. This milestone event will underscore the important role government plays in supporting and empowering entrepreneurs, who are the backbone and foundation of Canada’s prosperity.


Startup Canada Day on the Hill is hosted in partnership with Minister of State for Small Business, The Honorable Maxime Bernier, drawing together more than 800 attendees throughout the day; including Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senators, entrepreneurs, business leaders and media, for a full day celebration of Canadian entrepreneurship. This will be a spectacular day filled with VIP gatherings, keynote panels and a major reception featuring the ‘who’s who’ of Canadian entrepreneurship.


Startup Canada is a not-for-profit, entirely volunteer-run grassroots organization that launched in May 2012 and already represents more than 250 volunteers, more than 55,000 entrepreneurs from across all industries and more than 400 non-profit organizations that service entrepreneurs through the provision of capital, mentorship, space and services across Canada. Startup Canada is already the most followed entrepreneurship organization in Canada on social media – surpassing organizations that have been around for decades.


Government leaders play a critical role in Canada’s entrepreneurial culture and potential and Canadian entrepreneurs are eager to meet with them to hear their vision for entrepreneurship in Canada. Startup Canada Day on the Hill presents fantastic opportunity for government to meet the Canadian startup community and to share the excellent work taking place at the grassroots level across Canada.


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