#StartupChats – Factors & Trends that Affect Your Startup

About This Event

All businesses are affected by changes in the world around them. These may provide new opportunities but they could also jeopardize the survival of organisations that fail to adapt.

Join Startup Canada (@Startup_Canada) and Scotiabank (@Scotiabank) on September 27, 2017 for a live #StartupChats on Twitter from 12pm – 1pm ET. Hosted by Edwin Frondozo (@drgnmeme), Co-founder at Slingshot VoIP, we’ll learn about Factors & Trends that Affect Your Startup.



– Lyndon Johnson (@think_lyndon)
– James Bowen (@jamesbowen2015)
– Jade Alberts (@Jade_A_Consult)
– Ashley Hobb (@CBDurhamLLP)
– April Stewart (@cedec_qc)
– Kara Morgan (@planitoutsrcing)
– Justin Hartzman (@needlsjustin)
– Emily Harley (@emily_social)
– Nicole Bedeau (@blprdigital)
– Michael Koral (@michael_needls)
– Juris Ulmanis (@jurisu)
– Rhonda Morrison (@RSMorrison)